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- Exclusive Copy + Paste Winning Instagram DM Scripts
- OnlyFans Content Ideas Template (70 Fresh Ideas That Actually Work)
- OnlyFans Example Posting Schedule Template (What A Top .01% Model’s Month Looks Like)
- OnlyFans Model Call Questions Examples
- 86-Point OnlyFans Audit Template
- 7-Day TikTok Content Template
- Upwork Job Posting Templates

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Jacob Raffy
OnlyFans Agency Owner
I started out as a complete beginner and didn't know anything about the OnlyFans industry. I was nervous to start but Mathieu's course took me by the hand and showed me step-by-step how to get all this to work. I signed my first couple models in the first month and now I'm working on signing two more just this week.
Jackson Martin
Front-End Developer
I was able to sign my first two models in the first week using the strategies in the course. Looking forward to what's to come!
Eric Stafford
Course Student and Agency Owner
Couldn't be happier with The OnlyFans Masterclass. I already had a (somewhat) successful agency clearing $10k/mo with 5 models. Since joining The OnlyFans Masterclass, I've not only signed more clients, but I've used strategies in the course to double my current model's income. I'm now making $20k/mo and ready to get to the next level!”
Owen Sony
OnlyFans Agency Owner
This is by far the most in-depth OnlyFans management course I've bought. The chatter sequences are worth more than the price of the course. It has doubled my model's income in the first two weeks of implementing the strategies. My agencies future looks bright!
Eric Clarkson
OnlyFans Agency Owner
I was skeptical to join The OnlyFans Masterclass because I didn't know much about Mathieu at the time. I can safely say I'm glad I took the leap. This is by far the best investment if you are looking to build a solid OnlyFans agency.
Connor Spikeston
OnlyFans Agency Owner
If you are looking to succeed as quickly as possible with your OnlyFans agency, The OnlyFans Masterclass is the only program you will need. Mathieu has so much golden content in there and is constantly adding more content every month.
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